On the Easy Does It your family is always welcome aboard our Florida keys fishing charters and we have several different kinds of fishing trips that are great for children and families. Capt. Bruce is the proud father of 2 children and is great with kids. Both of his kids Ian (12 years old) and Abbie (9) enjoy fishing the waters of the Florida keys with dad and Ian has already caught several of the fish we catch in Islamorada including sailfish and blackfin tuna.
We are very patient with kids and work hard to make their experience a fun and enjoyable one. We have many different kinds of fishing available in the keys and can customize your families trip to suit your needs. Whether it be catching lots of small fish with plenty of action for your smaller children or taking your more experienced kids out to catch a trophy.
When your children grow up they might not remember what they got for their birthday when they were 7 or what they got for Christmas when they were 11, but I’ll bet they’ll remember their first fishing trip in the Florida keys.

Some of the fishing trips we offer that are great for kids include:

Inshore tarpon and shark trips
Our Inshore tarpon and shark fishing charters are great for kids and families. They’re conducted in calm water close to shore and we guarantee no seasickness. Although some of the fish we catch on these trips are larger “trophy fish” we use relatively light tackle so even younger kids can get involved in the action. There is usually plenty of action on these fishing charters to keep everyone busy and most days the water is crystal clear so your kids can see the sharks swimming all around the boat.

Patch reef fishing.
Patch reef fishing in Islamorada consists of anchoring on the shallower “patch” reefs located inside of the main reef. These reefs are partially protected from the open ocean by the main reef in areas that are relatively calm with small seas. Patch reef fishing offers a lot of action with smaller snappers such as mangrove and yellowtail as well as a good chance with bigger reef fish like hog fish, mutton snapper, grouper, and mackerel. Most of the fish caught while patch reef fishing in Islamorada are very good eating and often kids who don’t normally like to eat fish wind up loving it when they’ve caught it themselves.

Reef and offshore fishing
We also take children on our normal offshore trips and have caught sailfish, dolphin(mahi-mahi), amberjack, and just about anything you can think of with kids as young as 7 years old. With younger children you may want to try a shorter trip like a 1/2 day charter first, but we’ve got families who’s kids can’t get enough and come out for full day charters. Don’t forget, If we get on the water and it seems like it’s too much for your children we can always shorten the fishing charter to a 1/2 day or switch to fishing in calmer water such as on our patch fishing trips.