Florida Keys fishing report 1-28-20

Thanks for checking out our fishing report. Offshore and reef fishing have been excellent for us aboard the new Capt. Easy the last few weeks. Live bait and kite fishing for sailfish, tuna, kingfish and occasionally wahoo have been especially good. The new boat is an outstanding platform for this type of fishing and I’ve been able to kite fish much more effectively than before and chasing sailfish has also been much easier with the open design of the Conch 27. Reef and wreck fishing has also been very good so far this winter. We’ve been catching nice mutton snapper both inshore on the reef and offshore while wreck fishing. In addition to the muttons the deeper wrecks have produced vermillion snapper, yellow eye snapper and amberjack. On the reef we’ve been catching yellowtail snapper and mangrove snapper in addition to the muttons. All of these types of fishing should stay strong over the next few weeks and months.

So far the new boat is working out Fantastic. I’ve really been enjoying spending more time down on the deck with my customers and the benefits of the new boat have worked out extremely well for many types of the fishing we do down here in the Florida Keys as well.

Looking foreword the spring time fishing is just around the corner. Don’t forget to book early for spring and summer fishing charters as we get so busy that time of year I’m often not available at the last minute. In addition to all of the offshore and reef fishing I’ve always done I’m looking foreword to offering more tarpon trips this year. In the past I really only did evening trips for tarpon, but this year we’ll be offering daytime tarpon fishing in addition to all of the other types of fishing we’ve done over the years. Thanks for checking out the fishing report. Here are some pictures!

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