Aboard the Easy Does It we offer reef fishing and bottom fishing trips year round on the reefs and wrecks offshore of Islamorada in the Florida Keys. Fishing for various types of snapper and grouper including yellowtail snapper, mutton snapper, mangrove snapper, black grouper, gag grouper and red grouper on the patch reefs and reefs offshore of Islamorada. Mutton snapper, red snapper, black grouper, gag grouper, and amberjack wreck fishing around the various Florida Keys ship wrecks and rockpiles offshore of Islamorada. As well as deep water species such as vermillion snapper, yellow eye snapper, queen snapper, tilefish, snowy grouper, and yellow edge grouper fishing deep water ledges and hard botton deep drop fishing off of the Florida Keys. Some of the species of fish we catch while reef, wreck and deep drop fishing are:

Yellowtail Snapper

In the Florida keys we fish for yellow tail snapper on the reefs offshore of Islamorada year round. Yellow tail fishing is usually fast paced once we get them chummed up behind the boat and this kind of fishing usually makes for plenty of fun light tackle action. Yellow tailing also produces some excellent eating fish, with a very delicate, white flaky meat that is a favorite in the local restaurants in Islamorada.

Mutton Snapper

We catch Mutton snapper in depths anywhere from 12 to 250 feet offshore of the Florida Keys. Any reef or wreck fishing around Islamorada can produce trophy Mutton snapper and we catch them patch reef fishing in the shallow waters, bottom fishing on the reef while yellow tail snapper fishing or dropping on wrecks in deeper water with live or dead baits. Fishing for mutton snapper in the Florida Keys can be great year round. Mutton snapper are an awesome fish to fish for offshore of the Keys. They’re great eating fish, they put up a great fight and are some of the smarter, more challenging snappers to trick into eating a bait.


Offshore of Islamorada in the Florida keys we catch grouper such as black grouper, red grouper, and gag grouper reef and wreck fishing. Grouper are closed in the south atlantic waters offshore of Islamorada from January through April, but we have outstanding fishing especially for big black grouper in the months of May and then again from October through December. We catch Most of our grouper dropping live baits on wrecks with medium to heavy stand up tackle.


Offshore of Islamorada in the Florida keys we fish for amberjack around deep wrecks and seamounts such as the “Islamorada Hump”. Amberjack are true tackle busters, and put up an excellent fight. They can be caught various ways. On the Easy Does It we often fish live baits such as blue runners and speedoes and we also vertical jig for amberjack. We have several groups of vertical jig fisherman that enjoy “jigging only” trips and we have had extraordinary results vertical jigging on these trips.

African Pompano

African pompano can be caught wreck fishing in Islamorada from late fall through the spring. Although they are not an everyday part of the catch, the chance of catching an amazing fish like this adds to the excitement when live bait fishing around wrecks in the Florida Keys.

Red Snapper

Red snapper are highly regulated in the south Atlantic and we only have very short sporadic seasons where we can retain these fish. Often with very little notice from the federal fisheries people as to when we have a season. When in season red snapper are a great eating and beautiful addition to the catch on a florida keys fishing charter and when closed are still an excellent fighting catch and release option.

Vermillion Snapper

We catch vermillion snapper bottom fishing in depths from 180 to 400 feet deep in the waters offshore of Islamorada in the Florida Keys. They are a very good eating fish that can be part of the catch year round!

Yellow Eye Snapper

Yellow eye or silk snapper can be caught offshore of the Florida keys in areas and depths similar to vermillion snapper and are another great eating option for bottom fisherman and people looking for great eating fish to take home.


Tilefish can be caught offshore of the Florida keys year round, but currently the season for blue line tilefish goes from May 1st through August. These are another excellent eating fish we tarrget deep drop fishing often with electric reels.

Queen Snapper

Queen snapper are some of the most beautiful fish in the ocean and are excellent eating as well. Queen snapper can be caught while deep drop fishing offshore of Islamorada and the Florida Keys.


Deep Water Grouper

Deep water grouper such as snowy and yellow edge grouper are another excellent eating bottomfish caught deep dropping offshore of the Florida Keys. They are some of the best eating fish available anywhere. Snowy grouper are currently open from May 1st through August with a limit of 1 per vessel in the south atlantic.