We offer several different types of shark fishing charters aboard the Easy does it. We have a wide variety of shark species in the Florida Keys and several different areas to fish for them. The shark population has been exploding for the last 10 years in the Florida Keys and we can now offer shark fishing trips year round in Islamorada. Every type of shark fishing from catching big tiger sharks out on the Islamorada hump to big bull sharks just offshore of the reef to lemon, blacktip, and nurse sharks in shallow water near the bridges and channels and in the bay is available nearly year round. Which type of shark fishing we do depends on the weather, fishing conditions, length of trip, and the customers preference. We can shark fish on any length trip we offer. Everything from a full day offshore to a 1/2 day on the reef or in the channels. Be sure to specify that you would like to do a shark trip when booking as we only carry the shark gear when we know we’ll be targeting them.